Winter Doldrums on Sabbatical

It is the last Sunday of January in a winter

that has been brutally cold. After a week of

worry you call to say the birds have returned

to the feeders. A purple finch, mourning dove

sparrows are feeding again. On schedule the

thaw has arrived, temperature has risen to 55

degrees, the sun lights up the cityscape. My

window is cracked just a bit, fresh air enters

catches the burning incense, swirls about the

place. Sidewalks on the avenue are busy with

foot traffic, parks are full of escapes from

January doldrums. Metal rakes sing like rusty

banjoes as dull colored leaves are picked up

from lawns. The thaw has injected energy into

all. In a few days February will arrive as will the

snow and ice, frigid temperatures. Birds puff up

in their nests, people turn up the heat, bundle in

blankets awaiting uncertain March.


Poem by G EMIL REUTTER – he can be found on his blog here. / Photography by KAIT MAURO who can be found at kaitmauro.com.

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