Nature, It’s Time For Your Close Up

I have an addiction to wildflowers.
The bud I sniff,
the petals I fondle,
are my caffeine.

More than an addiction.
I’m outright jealous
of the stamen
that bolsters such
beguiling beauty.

Yes, there are times
I’d prefer to be one of many
in this cluster,
the spinal column
to a lanceolate, toothed face.

And I’ve an obsession with breezes,
how, for all their infiltration,
they content themselves
with merely fluttering
the loveliness around them.

As for the surrounding grasses,
I’ve no wish to be a blade,
but I welcome the company.
I lie down on their greenness,
fade in the head,
fade in their stalks,
a custodian of sorts
with the dreams of an enabler.

(Poem by JOHN GREY / Photograph by KAIT MAURO)

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